sweet potato sausage cakes

Sweet Potato Sausage Cakes

Recipe submitted by Mrs. SD. J. Bucher, Harman, W. Va.

1/2 pound fresh sausage

1 tsp salt

2 cups raw sweet potatoes, shredded

Shred raw sweet potatoes and mix with sausage and salt. Shape into 10 flat cakes.

Place in cold skillet and place over low heat. Fry slowly until brown and crisp on both sides.

Serves 5 to 6.


I really liked these! The first sausage I used was just some generic stuff from the grocery store……… and the cakes were ok……but I knew these could be great! So, I went to the market and got some Sicilian orange fennel sausages from the Turkey Lady, and it was a big difference! Slightly sweet, hearty and unique, these would be great with pancakes and syrup or in a salad like I had for lunch. Yum.

I did change up one thing; I made half of the cakes with cooked, mashed sweet potatoes and half with shredded raw sweet potatoes. I think I liked the mashed better, but both were good. Oh, and follow the directions to use a cold skillet….it helps the potatoes and sausage cook fully. Eat up!

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