straight to my heart

Joel fired up the grill for our first BBQ of the season…..look what he made for me! It was so good! Salmon marinated in ginger sesame dressing, cheese filled peppers, grilled veggies and orzo. It made my heart happy…. all of the love….and the omega 3.

One thought on “straight to my heart

  1. Susan Coons

    Okay girl I have not heard from you and I am worried that you did not receive my email. I want to send you a little gift before Jim and I head back to Idaho. I do not know how else to reach you as I lost the slip of paper from the restaurant, John J Jeffries. Lancaster General did not have you listed when we stopped by to drop off the book. Hope you receive this email and can pull up the last one so you know who I am. Susan Coons, the gray haired lady from Valentines Day!


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