poach it, eat it, love it.

I have always had this fascination with poached eggs. They look so delicious, but how is it done? The boiling but not boiling water, the length of time in the water…whats the secret?? So for my lunch i went ahead and gave it a try, no recipes or rule books in hand,and sweet heavens, it was great! Put the egg in almost boiling water, and pull it out when it looks finished. Eat it. That’s it.

4 thoughts on “poach it, eat it, love it.

  1. Jen Johnson

    Holly, this is soooo awesome! My step mom cooks from that cookbook all the time and I love it!!!! I am going to have to make sure I check this out every week to see what you’re cooking up next!!! Great job!!!!

  2. Suzy

    This is interesting. I was just wondering what 7 sweets and 7 sours is, and your blog came up first in a google search. I’ll read through all your blog, but if the question hasn’t been answered, could you post what it is, what it means? 7 sweets and 7 sours?

    My father spent 30 years or more trying to get the perfect poached egg. He’d hear something about adding a tablespoon of vinegar to the water and try that, or he’d hear about swirling the water and he’d try that, but no matter how many things he tried, the eggs always had little things hanging off of them like many ghostly fingers. He finally heard somewhere that restaurants and TV shows trimmed them all off with a knife, and got totally discouraged. He would have been elated with the ones in your photo, and though he’s dead, I must ask: Did you trim them? :)


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