molasses in the afternoon

Of course I think of my grandma when I make these cookies. I would be so happy when she made them for family gatherings and would love to know her secret. Part of who I am, my love of food and desire to work with my hands, I inherited from my grandma. It’s a bitter sweet thought….. Although I have been to countless family reunions and weddings, I don’t really know my grandma on a personal level. As my immediate family became less conservative, my grandparents remained very conservative and religious. I always felt a separation from my grandparents and a desire to have a deeper connection with them. Now that I am older, I am starting to see that it’s never too late to reach out………maybe Molasses Crinkles are a good place to start……..

4 thoughts on “molasses in the afternoon

  1. Linda

    Holly, I have your grandmother’s recipe for Molasses Ginger Cookies written in her own handwriting, with her initials,and dated 9-9-91. It is not exactly like the recipe you have here, but it is very similar.

    1. Holly Post author

      I thought I had sent you this message earlier but I guess my computer was on the blink….How do you know my grandmother??

  2. Linda

    One more comment: the date and the time are both incorrect for when I replied! It is 11 PM, not 3:03AM! It is also June 8, not June 9! Just thought you might like to be notified! : )

    1. Joel

      Computer savvy boyfriend here. Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll look into that! And PS. That is so wonderful that you have the recipe! Holly will just love that!


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