happy birthday to me

It was also my birthday last week…… thats a sign right?? ( Me and the man with birthdays two days apart…… seems like destiny!) For part of my birthday, my wonderful sister and I hung out and did some of the things we like best; hiking and eating. We went to Lancaster County Park and had an awesome time! She surprised my with a birthday cake she made from the Mennonite Community Cookbook, it was sooooo good! Burnt Sugar Cake covered with Caramel Frosting. Yum! We picked up sandwiches from the Campus Grille http://www.thomascampusgrille.com/and they were the perfect outdoor, tasty, portable picnic food.  If you are are a sandwich nut like me, go check them out!

I mean, turkey, artichokes and roasted red peppers, how can you go wrong???

Wonderful hiking fuel.

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