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straight to my heart

Joel fired up the grill for our first BBQ of the season…..look what he made for me! It was so good! Salmon marinated in ginger sesame dressing, cheese filled peppers, grilled veggies and orzo. It made my heart happy…. all of the love….and the omega 3.

summer is here!

Working in my garden today made me so excited for summer veggies! It inspired this salad of romaine, celery, carrots,almonds, dried cranberries and blue cheese. Let the planting begin!

fuel for the daily fire

I love sandwiches!

Homemade Molasses Oatmeal bread ( thanks Wanda!), smoked turkey from The Turkey Lady, swiss cheese, spicy mustard, romaine lettuce and just a touch of olive oil mayo. Superb!

dull to decadent

I decided to make dinner for my brother Shawn and his wife Abbey last night. I didn’t really have much on hand at the house, so I was unsure how things would pan out. What did I end up with?? One really normal casserole …… and one really damn tasty chocolate cake!

Recipes to follow…..

jamaican wonderbrew

This week i was a bit under the weather….the stomach bug. The good news?? I found something delicious that made my stomach much happier!

Next time you have the belly blues, try it! And if you like ginger like me, it’s good for sipping  any old time.

The Flying Dutchman

Hi Mennonite foodie people,

This is Joel, Holly’s boyfriend. I came across the best picture ever of a kitchen implement today and I had to get to post it.  Check it out!

The Flying Dutchman!

Personally, I think it should be the 7 Sweets and 7 Sours mascot, but that’s just me…



As Joel walked out the door on Sunday to get some last minute groceries, he yelled “Do you need anything else?”  Without hesitation and for no apparent reason, I called back “Yes, a large cabbage!”

I think I had a case of the Mennonite “I might not have enough food to feed everyone” jitters. When the dust settled and everyone had gone home, the cabbage had not been touched. Not very surprising.

However, this mishap has led to two wonderful discoveries. 1) I need to stop worrying that one of my guests will go hungry…. It has never actually happened. 2) I love cabbage! I have been putting it on and in everything. Salads and sandwiches have an added crunch and nice bite with a bit of the green stuff thrown in. Make a BCT instead of a BLT. Yum!  And one head lasts forever…..I should know.

Sunday Supper!

I’m super excited about my first Sunday cooking day. On the menu is;

– “Baked Sausage Pie” (pg 77), a recipe submitted by Mrs. Roy Huber, of East Petersburg, PA

– “Hot Slaw #1” (pg 146), a recipe submitted by Anna Miller, of Denbigh, VA

-“Dampf Knepp” or “Caramel Dumplings” (pg 318),  a recipe submitted by Mrs. Edgar Strite of Hagerstown, Md and Mrs. Betty Beck of Archbold, Ohio

The guest list for the evening’s event includes, my darling boyfriend, Joel. My brother Shawn, and his wife Abbey (and their two babies!) and two, very lucky, yet to be determined guests.

I can’t wait to let you know how it goes!