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my joy

I hadn’t had a group meal for a few weeks and it was so nice to have people in the house. It always amazes me how much joy and energy I get from having others into my home.

I recently visited my grandma High after not spending much time with her for most of my life (see post- molasses in the afternoon under My Menno Musings). She talked to me about the many, many weddings and church events she has cooked for in the past. It bought her joy to work and provide, and be a blessing to others. We talked about being productive and using our hands. It was eye opening to me…..that I could have more in common with her then I ever thought. I came away with a better understanding of her….. and a better understanding of myself…..more later…

back in the game

The chaos of the last month has come to an end…..aahhhh! That means it is time to cook again! Change in job, change in living situation, change in season. When all these things are in flux, my roots stay the same and continue to shape who  I am, so back to the Mennonite Community Cookbook I go……………

What better way to celebrate spring then sailing?? My friend Andrew has a sail boat and I met him and a bunch of friends at his boat for some coffee, Butterscotch Rolls and a wonderful morning of sailing. It was great! And not a single Butterscotch Roll survived the voyage….

Andrews boat is able to sail around the world!


Coffee….the best beverage to accompany Butterscotch Rolls…..

my sister

Like comfort food, spending time with my sister always makes my day better and brighter. It amazes me how food can bring people together, and the love I felt in the birthday cake she made me. ( It didn’t hurt that it was especially delicious!) It made me want to make cookies for somebody, just because…….just because I love them. With that on my mind, I decided to take my Grandma High some supper next week. ( See the blog post molasses in the afternoon ). I am excited!

simple sunday

This Sunday things stayed simple: dinner for Joel, Shawn, Abbey and I. It was a brisk day and we had spent time outside hiking and warm comfort food was in order. Some of the best meals are the ones I think won’t be that great……this was one of them…..

I love my brother and my sister in law… and my boyfriend, well he is the best. What a great way to get ready for the work week! A few hours of cooking, eating Mennonite comfort food, some gin and tonics and good discussion with people I love. I have a lucky, lovely life.

molasses in the afternoon

Of course I think of my grandma when I make these cookies. I would be so happy when she made them for family gatherings and would love to know her secret. Part of who I am, my love of food and desire to work with my hands, I inherited from my grandma. It’s a bitter sweet thought….. Although I have been to countless family reunions and weddings, I don’t really know my grandma on a personal level. As my immediate family became less conservative, my grandparents remained very conservative and religious. I always felt a separation from my grandparents and a desire to have a deeper connection with them. Now that I am older, I am starting to see that it’s never too late to reach out………maybe Molasses Crinkles are a good place to start……..

quiet cake time

Yesterday I came home from work and had a piece of cake. Not a normal activity for me. I cut a nice slice, poured a glass of milk and had a moment of peace. It was really wonderful. It was like my birthday or vacation, but it was really a normal Tuesday at 4pm. Maybe I am learning to slow down…..I think it was about the time I had taken to make the cake. I wanted to savor it, really enjoy it. It seems like this “making food for the joy of it” thing is good for me…..

pond hockey never happened

Things don’t always go the way we have mapped them out. For me, that can be a bit tricky. I like to know what the plan is, what the day will hold, what I can achieve and produce.  Like a cake in the oven for fifty minutes instead of fifteen minutes, I can get a little burnt when my day goes badly and I haven’t “gotten enough done”.  The Menno trait of hard work has been passed down through generations, and my dad says that he is only learning this now, in his sixties….. I would like to shorten that time frame a bit for myself……. My plan is to be really nonproductive for at least one hour a day ……. We shall see how it goes……

Sunday Supper!

I’m super excited about my first Sunday cooking day. On the menu is;

– “Baked Sausage Pie” (pg 77), a recipe submitted by Mrs. Roy Huber, of East Petersburg, PA

– “Hot Slaw #1” (pg 146), a recipe submitted by Anna Miller, of Denbigh, VA

-“Dampf Knepp” or “Caramel Dumplings” (pg 318),  a recipe submitted by Mrs. Edgar Strite of Hagerstown, Md and Mrs. Betty Beck of Archbold, Ohio

The guest list for the evening’s event includes, my darling boyfriend, Joel. My brother Shawn, and his wife Abbey (and their two babies!) and two, very lucky, yet to be determined guests.

I can’t wait to let you know how it goes!