breakfast of champions

So I have a new love……..his name is Rock Climbing! This Sunday a crew of us got together for some awesome outdoor climbing. What what could be better way to start the day then with a hearty and tasty breakfast??It was one of those perfect days: good food, great friends and the great outdoors. We had the best time. Cant wait for it to happen again……Breakfast was Corn Meal Griddle Cakes, Coffee Cake and cranberry turkey sausages from the Turkey Lady It was super┬ádelicious!

Chocolate milk and mayple syrup…….need I say more?

This sausage was perfect for breakfast!

Thats me in the middle in the bright blue….love it.

2 thoughts on “breakfast of champions

  1. Joel

    a) You are a woman who cooks delicious food.
    b) You are also a woman who rock climbs.
    c) In addition to this, you are also a woman who likes to be around me.

    a+b+c = Heart Throbbing Love

    Le Sigh

    1. Holly Post author

      a) you are a man who loves to eat my food. b) you are a manly rock climbing guy. c) you think i am the bees knees! a+b+c= true love!!


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